One Week’s Worth of Bubble Baths

Inside every pint of Muzzarelli Farms blueberries is the story of a company that understands the priceless value of water, that respects it as the most precious of shared global resources, and that works vigorously to conserve water during every aspect of our growing process. We can’t imagine treating water any other way.

NE_MUZZARELLI_chalkboard2Nature’s Eye shows how we are working to give back the water we once used in our blueberry production – an estimated 62% so far that represents 37 gallons of water per pint of blueberries. 

If the average bathtub holds around 35 to 50 gallons of water, a flat of our blueberries would provide enough water for over one week’s worth of bubble baths.

Our system is becoming more efficient in its water and subsequent energy use by improving water use efficiencies, even as production volumes increase.

We have a particular interest in protecting the water sources that sustain communities because the communities that host our blueberry fields are also our customer base; we sell our blueberries where we make them. If those communities stay strong, our business will stay strong; if the watersheds we share with them are conserved, those communities, and our business, can thrive. So, in addition to the ethical and ecological imperatives that drive our water stewardship, we also have a vested business interest in conserving and improving local water sources.

*Local production efficiencies compared with USDA AgCensus Survey for Irrigation – 2007