Enough Water Saved to Fill Fifty 3 Gallon Fish Tanks


Working with Lee Rain, Inc. and utilizing their AG Management Strategies, Sun Valley Orchards has realized significant water and subsequent energy – efficiencies. Nature’s Eye illustrates the efficiencies achieve by Sun Valley Orchards, showing just how much water they are able to give back to their community.

Looking at 2016, for example, one average size pepper grown at Sun Valley Orchards represented over 3 gallons of water saved, equating to over 150 gallons of water saved per 25lb box and over 64 million gallons of water saved over their entire production in just one season.*

The 150 gallons of water saved per 25lb box of our peppers, is enough to fill fifty 3 gallon fish tanks.

*Results shown are specific to 2016 Sun Valley Orchards production data, as compared to USDA Census of Agriculture 2013 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey and USDA NASS Quick Stats for Yield~New Jersey, Peppers, 2016.